Better Internet for Kids Network Pilot

BIK NET (Better Internet for Kids Network Pilot) is a 12-month project in which EUN Partnership and INHOPE will, in close partnership with 24 organisations which make up 11 national Safer Internet Centres (SICs), plan, develop and roll out a multilingual platform to deliver integrated, interoperable core services across the 11 participating countries.
Its goals are:
-To stimulate the production of creative and educational online content for children and develop platforms which give access to age-appropriate content
-To scale up awareness raising and teaching of online safety in all EU schools to develop children's digital and media literacy and self-responsibility online
-To create a safe environment for children where parents and children are given the tools necessary for ensuring their protection online – such as easy-to-use mechanisms to report harmful content and conduct online, transparent default age-appropriate privacy settings or user-friendly parental controls;
-To combat child sexual abuse material online by promoting research into, and use of innovative technical solutions by police investigations.

The tasks within the project are:
-Plan, pilot, develop and maintain multilingual online tools to support SICs
-Pilot database to enhance hotlines' capacity to identify child pornography and analyse child abuse images and videos.