Clubhouses for Tolerance


The project's purpose is to engage the Miskolc and Kecskemét Clubhouses in increasing the awareness in Hungary about the growing intolerance in the society by the use of visual art products developed by the children attending the Clubhouses.

Our objectives are as follows:

- To involve the children of the Clubhouses into visual arts project where their personal sensitivity towards intolerance will be evoked as well as they can experience success, creativity and self-actualization
To involve artists into the creative process in order to provide assistance to children as well as increase the public visibility of the project
To create arts product with the use of visual art as well as IT tools which can provoke the members of the public as well as increase awareness and sensibility towards discrimination, intolerance, anti-Semitism and anti-Roma feelings.
To open up an exhibition in Miskolc of the art products for the public via a large-scale Opening Ceremony event at the end of the project
Via all these objectives we would like to strengthen the young people's reintegration to local community and also we provide opportunity for youth to develop their creative, innovative, social and cooperative skills

The project is supported by the Intel Communities fund.