Missing Children Hotline

Strengthening the Hungarian child protection services by sustainable operation of Missing Children Hotline - Project Report 

The overall goal of the project was to strengthen the Hungarian child protection services by sustainable operation of the Missing Children Hotline.The Hotline Operation have been continuous, and this way vulnerable children could reach a low threshold anonymous service when in need, which was on many occasion the entry point for them to come into contact with the child protection system and receive professional help. The Hotline was reached on many occasions by professionals working with children as part of the child alert system in order to have consultations with us in regards to children safeguarding issues.


The Missing Children Expert Conferences and the various trainings provided to different stakeholders in child protection through this project, reinforced the cross-sectorial, inter-disciplinary cooperation procedures, improved the knowledge transfer between the different actors and supported the exchange of best practices. As a result of the project a more protective and empowering environment will be created by the professionals benefited from our activities for those children in need.


Awareness raising on the role of Kék Vonal in the child protection system as an entry point was reached by this project, as we experienced an increased number of calls from professionals from the child alert system, who needed our expertise and reassurance to report safeguarding issues to the Child protection services.

The calls received from children homes and foster placement have also increased as a result of our poster campaign. Children living in statutory care are the most vulnerable in terms of going missing or running away, but are many time reluctant to ask for help within their environment even if they are at risk. Through the anonymous conversations on the Hotline we could build trust with these children and managed to involve their carers and guardians to resolve the problems they were facing.


With our short movies and media coverage we contributed to the growing public awareness of the issue of child disappearances.


Our aim was to create a long term plan of the organization which ensure the sustainability of the hotline after the end of the EC funding. Kék Vonal evaluated the 116 000 Missing Children Hotline service and found its strengths and weaknesses and defined the areas for development.

The project is supported by the European Union Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020.