Safer Internet Plus Project



The Safer Internet HU3 Projects is the continuation of the HU1-HU2 projects proceeding from 2009.

In consortium with the  International Children's Safety Service, and the National Info-Communicational Service Provider Ltd, the goal of the consortium is to act as a Safer Internet Centre in Hungary, organizing helpline, hotline and awareness raising activities. More information about the project:

The main part of KV Foundation in the project is to operate the Internet helpline.

The main aim of the Internet helpline is to help children recognize the online risks and give them advice to prevent the realization of these risks. We give emotional support to the victims of online harms and also helps to organise concrete help for the victims and their relatives. The helpline is a great opportunity for young people to share those experiences that they do not want to tell their parents, they can ask for help on their own, without the contribution of the parents.

The activities of the Kek Vonal Child Crisis Foundation within the project are:

to operate the nationwide Internet Helpline service 24/7: including telephone helpline service, e-mail service through website (called EMIL), and chat service also through the website.

to carry on the promotion tasks in order to raise the visibility of the service among the target groups, to raise awareness about the online risks that children can be exposed to, and to highlight the importance of prevention.

to carry out “off-line” activities, such as school visit programme, participation at public events.

Our Foundation – within this project - helps children who are victims of cyberbullying, grooming, sexing or faced illegal or harmful content.

Parents and teachers are also able to find help through our channels (e-mail, chat and telephone) on internet safety issues.

The topics we deal with are: cyberbullying, grooming, inappropriate, harmful content, dangerous, harmful contact, internet addiction, data misuse, online games, abuse on the internet, online friends (chat, msn, SNS), sexing, safety tips, general questions about the use of the internet, problems and questions about internet safety.