116-000: Missing Children Hotline

The service offers emotional, social, legal and administrative support for parents and children in connection with child disappearances. The operation of the service is based upon the Guide for Hotline Operators identified by Missing Children Europe.

It can be called free of charge, 24-hour a day, anonymously. The helplines are operated by trained volunteers during the day, and by professional staff during the night.


116-111: Child Helpline and Internet Safety Helpline

The goal is to help children and young people in need of support, care, and protection; to improve callers' safety. The main activities include telephone support for children and young people in difficult situations, education and promotion efforts encouraging young people to seek help and use the helpline's services.
It can be called free of charge, 24-hour a day, anonymously. The helplines are operated by trained volunteers during the day, and by professional staff during the night.


Children's Lawyer

This service is operated by the specialized lawyer of the Foundation together with pro-bono lawyers and lawyer trainees.
The Kék Vonal Children's Lawyer service helps those children, young people, parents and professionals who turn to us for help. The service can be used through e-mail to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Miskolc After-school Club "Tanoda"

We operate an after-school learning club in the premises of our Miskolc Computer Clubhouse every weekdays between 2-6 pm. At the Tanoda we aim at developing the skills of independent learning for pupils from disadvantage background in order to help them integrate to the mainstream society. We provide one-on-one assistance in their learning problems as well as workshops.

Kecskemét Computer Clubhouse

Between 2011 and 2013 with the support of Velux Foundations Kék Vonal launched two Clubhouses in Miskolc and Kecskemét by adapting the methodology of Intel Computer Clubhouse Network.

Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is present in 20 countries with more than 100 clubhouses and works for communities of disadvantaged young people with the experience of nearly 20 years. Its aim to provide young people space to develop IT skills based on their interests with the support of voluntary mentors.

More information about the network:

During the project at both sites we managed to involve numerous children and form a community that reckons kids as values and offers them safe free-time activities.

In 2013, after finishing the project in Miskolc youth work continues as ITanoda however Kecskemét continues its operation by the Clubhouse standards: open between 2 pm and 6 pm Monday-Friday.


Programmes and services for professionals

We offer a wide range for services for professionals working with children.
- We organize regularly our accredited 126-hour training course where those who would like to work as helpline operators can learn the important knowledge and skills for the job. We also offer regular supervision for all of our staff
- We offer case discussion, supervision, team coaching services for professional staff of other institutions for request
- We occasionally organize workshops and conferences on relevant issues for broader professional public
- We cooperate with a number of bodies on child protection issues, such as the Police and the Ombudsman's office